International taxation is a specialty area that encompasses tax operations spread over a number of different countries.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we have specialists trained in the taxation of international transactions, both individual and corporate; able to design fiscally efficient planning mechanisms and eliminate fiscal contingencies.

The services we offer on international taxation are:

  • International Tax Planning
  • Detection and application of tax optimization opportunities
  • Taxation of Displaced Personnel (“Expatriates”)
  • Special regime applicable to workers displaced to Spanish territory (“Inpatriates”)
  • Taxation of Spanish Investments Abroad
  • Taxation of Foreign Investments in Spain
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Taxation in Foreign Trade Operations
  • International Taxation of Financial Products
  • Permanent tax advice and tax procedures

At our offices you can contact professionals in the field of international taxation; highly qualified staff that will provide comprehensive advice aimed at responding to the real needs of your business and identifying the potential risks to your personal or company assets.

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